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Covid-19 has changed much of our daily routine. But delivering your mail and packages is not one of those changes. To help keep you and our employees safe during this time, the Postal Service wants you to know about how we’re adapting delivery procedures to promote social distancing.

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One Pharmacist’s View

Pinched in between the Corona Pandemic and the Presidential election this fall is the Venezuelan crisis which continues to live a life of its own. Or is it? President Trump was, before the Corona Virus reared its ugly head, moving more warships to the Venezuelan area. Destroyers that have flight decks for helicopters and ships with capabilities more concerned with law enforcement. Pentagon talk about Venezuelan President Marco has drifted in tone from “Regime” to “Cartel” in their descriptions of the country.

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Hughes County Records


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Pontotoc County Public Records


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Country Comments

Quote of the week…“Happiness is inward not outward; and so it does not depend on what we have, but on what we

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Bank Vandalized

Farmers State Bank had a security event that occurred Sunday night, April 5, 2020, that resulted in vandalism to their Drive-Thru windows and ATM.

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Dumpster & Trash Pickup

Please remember that the large dumpsters around town are rented by and for the sole use of that business. Plus large household items (appliances/bedding/etc.) will not be picked up and must be disposed of by the homeowner.

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