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Allen Nutrition Site


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A Note from the Town of Allen

Town of Allen officials have been keeping in constant contact with county and state officials so that we may remain up to date on all vital information.

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Mrs. Noah! Does it ever strike you as strange that for someone who was so very important, so little has been written about her?

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COVID-19 information

As of press-time Wednesday, Oklahoma is reporting 164 cases of the Corona Virus with one victim in Pontotoc County and none in Hughes County. While there is no need to panic or hoard supplies, area residents should be aware of the precautions to take and the federal mandated closing of all non-essential businesses.

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Out & About

Out & about visiting in the home of June Vinson this past weekend were her daughters, Londa Litke from Duncan and Rhonda Pachucki of Oklahoma City. Also joining in the visit were Ethan Vinson and Parker Vinson both of the OKC area.

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One Pharmacist’s View

Yep, it’s true. The Covid-19 stinks to most of us but not to all. The people testing positive for COVID-19 seem to lose their sense of smell. One victim reported that the diapers no longer smelled. Bad or good. That seems like a potentially good thing to some of us, but we do need our sense of smell. But Covid-19 victims do suffer from Anosmia, a loss of smell. Cooks and chiefs can no longer sniff their garlic, curry and peppers. In fact, this may be the only symptoms for some who test positive for the deadly virus. President Trump is being mocked at how he is handling this new crisis by liberals but what the heck. He can’t do anything right anyway—in their eyes.

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Country Comments

Quote of the Week… “The girl who remembers her first kiss now has a daughter who can’t even remember her first husband.”

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