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Enjoying Summer Without the Bite of Tickborne Illness

Summertime is in full force, and with the warmer temperatures come opportunities for outdoor adventures...and tick bites. In Oklahoma, there is a wide range of tick species, each of which

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Pontotoc County Public Records

FELONIES Trevor Scott Brooks—domestic assault & battery by strangulation Derrick J. Caywoodpossession of stolen vehicle Michael Raymond Cox—use of forged or revoked credit card Jeffrey Tyler Crosby—burglary, second degree Harry

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Country Comments

Roy Rogers — “Yellow Toes of Texas” (formerly “Yellow Rose of Texas”) The Comets — “Nap Around the Clock” (formerly “Rock Around the Clock”) —CC— Speaking of “baby boomers”, how

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Willie Woodall Passes Away

Willie Ray Woodall passed away Sunday, July 28, 2019 at home in Gerty, Oklahoma at the age of 71. Willie was born November 22nd, 1947 in Tupelo, Oklahoma to Willie

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Hughes County Public Records

MARRIAGE William Nathan Wall and Mackenzie Ivy-Ann Allison, both of Ada CIVIL Cascade Capital LLC vs. Andrew Scott—indebtedness Security State Bank of Oklahoma vs. Jamie D. Keefer—replevin Seminole HMA, LLC

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Threads of Life

To continue my story of the Jake William Pegg and Emerson family, my story this week is about Eliza Jane Pegg, whom I ended the story with last week. She

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One Pharmacist’s View

It’s August in Oklahoma. A special time in Summer where everything is different. The days are getting shorter, the skies are bluer and everything you see is with a new

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