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Local Tax Receipts are down

The December distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission primarily represents local tax receipts from October business. Companies that remit more than $2,500 monthly in sales tax

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Allen FCCLA Share Christmas Cheer

Makenzie Smart and Saydee Adams visited with former Allen resident Dora Wilson when the Allen FCCLA members visited FeatherStone Assisted Living Center in Ada on December 11th to spread cheer

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Masonic Breakfast

Join the Allen Masonic Lodge for breakfast Saturday, January 4th , from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., at the Lodge on West Broadway. The breakfast fund-raisers are held the fi rst

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Sales Tax Down; Use Tax Up!

was $7,098.94, down from $13,398.48; Gerty posted $129.91, down from $323.32. Francis enjoyed an increase, bringing in $1,352.75 up from $1,247.66 last year. The two county seats, Ada and Holdenville,

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Medical Student Brandon Postoak honored by Association

The Chickasaw Nation When European explorers first arrived in North America, Native Americans were adversely affected in ways many never contemplate. Brandon Postoak looks back through the haze of time

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One Pharmacist’s View

Christmastime for an old guy like me is a time to remember. Like Scrooge, old guys like me seem to dwell on “Christmas Past.” But why not? The memories of

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