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Country Comments

75 years ago this week, the allies landed on Normandy. Thousands of our finest were killed and countless others wounded and lives changed forever. There are the heroes that die

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Masonic Raffle

The Allen Masonic Lodge is currently raffling off a set of 77” registered and mounted Texas Longhorns. The $10 per chance tickets may be purchased from any Mason or at

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Combat Veteran Remembers

Vietnam vets are dying at the rate of 390 per day. Soon they will be history and I am sure that history textbooks will be leaving them out of their

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Allen Honor Rolls

Allen High School 2nd Semester Honor Rolls Superintendent’s Roll Jacob Beavert, Kaylee Brill, Diana Cazares, Meegan Costner, Kinlee Cundiff, Alyssa Davis, Emma Davis, Elizabeth Denbow, Trent Fronterhouse, Autumn Hamilton, Wesley

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Out & About

June Vinson was honored this past weekend with a birthday party. Mrs. Vinson celebrates June 1st as her special day. Coming to make her day were Randy and Brenda Vinson,

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Area Birthdays

June 6 — John Summers, Carrie Koonce, Raven Fargo, June 7 — Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Wilson Sr.*, Nicole Smith, Carmen Alcaida June 8 — Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Spain

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Threads of Life

Do you know what happens to water at 211 degrees Fahrenheit? Well, not much, really. Although it gets hot and it may develop some little pinpoint bubbles, for the most

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