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Allen Nutrition Site


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Little Caesars Fundraiser to Benefit Allen Sorority

A Little Caesars fundraiser is underway, sponsored by the Allen sorority. Orders are currently being taken with a mid-April delivery date. The Little Caesars’ brochure features selections of pizzas, breads and cookies.

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One Pharmacist’s View

While news about wild partying keeps coming in from Miami Beach, Florida and other favorite spring-break places it was fairly calm here at 601 E. Lee Street in Allen last Sunday. Local activities mostly centered on comparing basketball bracket predictions and the awe and/or anguish that went with it.

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Hughes County Records


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Area Public Records


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Country Comments

As one who has a receding hairline, I enjoyed and appreciated the following.

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Memorial Wednesday for Coach Ed Harman

Eddie Albert Harman passed away Monday, March 22, 2021 at his home in Allen, Oklahoma at the age of 78.

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