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Allen Nutrition Site


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One Pharmacist’s View

Well, Nancy Pelosi gave in—finally—and signed the big Corona Bill that will hopefully give $1,200 in stimulus dollars to each taxpaying adult. The bill was stagnating for two or three days on her desk before she finally yielded to pressure and wrote her name on it. And what was her “excuse” for holding the bill up? She said she had to take some clauses and words out that “you know who” (Trump) had in it to divert much of the money to billionaires and CEO’s and thus, stealing from we worthy yet suffering taxpayers. So, I guess the money is on its way—to us. I hear the money will be sent to our banks for direct deposit and all you billionaires and CEO’s can just leave the bank lobbies and go home. Nancy cut you out.

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Country Comments

Quote of the Week…“We are told that automation is a process that gets all the work done while you just stand there. When we were younger, this process was called Mother.”

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Dumpster & Trash Pickup

Please remember that the large dumpsters around town are rented by and for the sole use of that business. Plus large household items (appliances/bedding/etc.) will not be picked up and must be disposed of by the homeowner.

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Headstart Enrollment postponed

Attention Parents-- All activities have been cancelled at this time, including Head start enrollment. We will reschedule all necessary events as soon as we possibly can. Please be patient with us as we take in all the information and prepare for what is best for our students, staff, and families.

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Town of Allen update

Nothing much has changed this week in the Town of Allen in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Masking our Fears

Making protective nonsurgical masks is a great way to help during this critical time and Allen is doing their part to assist in this time of need. Prairie Notions has received a total of 4800 yards of quarter-inch elastic, enough to make 16,000 masks, donated by Komar Industries of McAlester and has distributed it to local seamstresses as well as sharing it with others as far away as New Hampshire. The local business has also given out supplies to make six to eight thousand masks and collected approximately 500 locally-made masks for area medical facilities.

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