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Letter to the Editor

We received the following letter this week and wanted to share it with our readers . . .

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Allen Nutrition Site


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The Ups and Downs of Area Sales Tax

The December distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission primarily represents local tax receipts from October business. Companies that remit more than $2,500 monthly in sales tax receipts are required to file and pay electronically. The monies they reported this period represent sales from October 16 to 31 and estimated sales from November 1 to November 15 .

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Even with the support

Even with the support of her sister Tavia, Tahleah just did not want to see Santa.

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Hattie, Lincoln and Ryder

Hattie, Lincoln and Ryder all had a big list for Santa and by the looks of the neighborhood new bikes were on the list.

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Country Comments

Christmas is over and even during these challenging economic times, a recent report reveals that a record amount of money was spent on toys this year. Color TVs and computers also had a banner year. To sum it up, we may talk about bad times but the fact is most of us enjoy a great life . . . especially when compared to our parents and grandparents’ generations.

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Service held for Nita Kay Jacobs

Nita Kay Jacobs passed away Thursday, December 24, 2020, at her home in Holdenville, Oklahoma at the age of 72.

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