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Pontotoc Co Public Records


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Calvin Celebration 125 Years Strong th

Calvin will be celebrating their 125 anniversary along with their annual 4 of July festivities this year.

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Election Tuesday

All area voters are urged to go to the polls this Tuesday to make their preferences known in the Primary Election. From the choice of Presidential candidates to more local decisions this is an important election.

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Pontotoc County and State Ballots


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One Pharmacist’s View

In England, a great patriot named Winston Churchill (the man who did more to defeat fascism than anyone) is now labeled as just another fascist. And now their poorly informed client protestors want to tear down Winston’s statue. Here in our own beloved country it has come to be counted as a good thing to tear down our historical statues such as Christopher Columbus, George Washington and even Thomas Jefferson. Honest Ab, look out.

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Country Comments

I knew it was bound to happen. A young lady at Wal-Mart caught me going the wrong way down a one-way aisle. Although she was not very happy she was still very courteous as she pointed out the problem. Hillary Ring writes…..

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Hughes Co. Records


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