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One Pharmacist’s View

My mother sometimes got onto me for daydreaming so much. I had a teacher or two over at Stonewall that agreed with her too. She always admonished me to quit my daydreaming. As though one could. Like most people I think I was meant to travel. Go places. Someplace where they speak different languages. Dress funny. Eat weird foods. Places so far away you might need to get on an airplane or a ship to get there. But to get on an airplane means going through x-rays, being patted down. Getting a passport. Well sure. Pat and I, being the forever optimists, renewed our passports some time back. I guess we did want to be squeezed into an uncomfortable seat and be hurtled at speeds at nearly the speed of sound to one of these strange places.

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Country Comments

It will be Halloween in a few days, and we found some interesting items about this annual event . . .

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Abby Gertz, Makenzie Nowlin and Josiah Burke

Abby Gertz, Makenzie Nowlin and Josiah Burke had a great time at the Calvin Fall Festival.

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Stream Calvin Basketball games

Calvin Schools will be live streaming Varsity Home games during the basketball season this year. Access to the feed is available through a subscription to the NFHS network. Subscribers will have access to all games the NFHS Network broadcasts including the playoffs.

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Allen Nutrition Site


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Congratulations to Kayla Lawler

Congratulations to Kayla Lawler on receiving four major scholarships during the ECU Education Department Scholarship Reception on Monday evening. She received the Cephus Lawson Teacher Scholarship, the ECU Future Teachers Scholarship, the Georgia Howell Limes Scholarship and the Tara Millsap Student Teaching Scholarship

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Out & About Allen

On Sunday, October 24, 2021, little 4-month old Miss Christian Rae Files of Little Rock, Arkansas, along with her brother Roman, dad Tim and mom Drew, made her first appearance out & about Allen to visit family to visit family.

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