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Light from God’s Word

For the next several weeks, because of some feedback I’ve received from last week’s article, we will be looking at Matthew 7:1-5 and considering the question—Can the Christian judge? This

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Pontotoc County Public Records

FELONIES Jennifer Gayle Carrellpossession of fi rearm after former felony conviction Bradley Jay Coffellindecent exposure Kerry Wayne Cowelldomestic abuse-assault & battery Anthony Ray Gordy—child abuse Neal Lee Morris—possession of fi

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Hughes County Public Records

FELONIES Gordon Gene Derrick—fugitive from justice Kore R. Knox—domestic assault & battery by strangulation MISDEMEANORS Roy Keith Allen—public intoxication Kore R. Knox—unauthorized use of a credit card MARRIAGES Marcus Ramone

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Area Birthdays

July 4 — Spencer Cody, Sam Johnson July 5 — Juanita Riddle July 7 — Danelle Stephens July 9 — Jaycee Watkins July 10 — Roy Snider July 11 —

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Calvin & Allen Make Plans to Celebrate

As the country prepares to celebrate Independence Day 2019, nowhere is the spirit higher or the sentiment greater than in small town America. From the Gerty and Atwood Alumni reunions

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Early Next Week

The Allen Advocate wishes everyone a safe and happy 4th of July. Due to the holiday falling on Thursday, the paper will be printed a day early next week. Deadline

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Gerty Reunion Saturday

Gerty’s annual school reunion will take place Saturday, June 29th , at the Gerty Senior Citizen Center. Doors open at 10:00 am; the potluck meal will be served at noon.

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