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Atwood Reunion

Atwood Reunion Saturday June29th 12 noon until 8:00 PM at the Lowell Wilkerson Community Center. Potluck dinner 5:PM followed by a brief business meeting. All former students , teachers and

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Be a good neighbor...

Allen residents should be aware of incidents of theft happening around town recently. Prairie Notions Fabric Shop was robbed of over $300 this past week; money taken was in bills

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Trash service will run as usual next week. The commercial pickup will be on Wednesday and residential on Thursday, July 4th. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Pontotoc County Public Records

FELONIES Matthew Cody Chaney—domestic assault & battery by strangulation Joey Deon Cooper—actual physical control of vehicle under the infl uence Bonnie Crewseburglary in the 3rd degree Sharon Croymaintaining place for

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Pontotoc County Records

years?” “Probably,” I said, “it’s because in today’s world, ‘The Little Red Hen’ is not barnyard correct. Can you imagine how the story would go today? The little red hen

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Hughes County Public Records

FELONIES Kotah Ray Armstrong—falsely personate another to create liability Mitchell McNabb—trafficking in illegal drugs Lydia Kaye Taylor—grand larceny in house or vessel MISDEMEANORS Phillip Logan Collins—false pretenses/bogus check/con game Brent

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Threads of Life

I have always liked to write. I was in a journalism class in high school, and one of the assignments of the class was to write and publish the school

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