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Pontotoc County Public Records

FELONIES William Brett Eden—driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs 2nd and sub Damien M. Edwards—driving motor vehicle under the influence of drugs 2nd & sub Trenton Wayne

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The Allen Junior High

The Allen Junior High team battled to keep the Skirt in the Dirt Junior High tournament trophy at home.

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Dinner & Auction to Benefit Konawa Family

A benefit dinner and auction will be held this Friday evening, March 15th , in the Allen School Cafeteria for the Isaacs family of Konawa. Organized by Michael Bailey with

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Benefit for Konawa Tragedy Discussed at School Board Meeting

A benefit dinner and auction created to aid the family of a Konawa child who was recently killed in a wreck was discussed Monday at the monthly Allen School Board

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Country Comments

While we aren’t using eye implants yet, I feel like a Neanderthal who accidentally time-traveled to 2018 and tried to pay for her groceries with a bag of rocks. In

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Threads of Life

I have always wanted to build a bluebird house. I do not know whether to capitalize this or not, because in the dictionary this word is not capitalized and it

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