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Movie Friday Night At Park

Allen’s Dead End Trail will be showing Hocus Pocus in the park on Friday, October 26. Show time begins at 7:15 pm. Snacks will be-FREE and will consist of hot

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Trick or Treat Tuesday


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Country Comments

Quote of the week…. “The trouble with life is that by the time you know how to play the game, you’re too old to make the team.” —CC— So, you

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Zombie Run - Do You Have the Guts?

DO NOT flag guard, hit, trip, tackle, push, grab, or intentionally harm another runner OR Zombie. Zombies are not allowed to touch runners, just fl ags! Only take 1 flag

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County Comments

movies on the sidewalk outside the theater. As his talent blossomed, Segar completed a mail-order course on cartooning and traveled to Chicago to take a job at the Chicago Herald.

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Threads of Life

An old legend claims that a huge metal boiler was responsible for the discovery of the Healdton Field. While several boilers were being hauled to the intended location, the story

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Healton Oil Museum

completed in 1913 as a Pennsylvanian oil discovery. It opened up a field that grew to cover about 11,000 acres in two counties. More than 26,000 wells were drilled in

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