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Country Comments

While we aren’t using eye implants yet, I feel like a Neanderthal who accidentally time-traveled to 2018 and tried to pay for her groceries with a bag of rocks. In

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Threads of Life

I have always wanted to build a bluebird house. I do not know whether to capitalize this or not, because in the dictionary this word is not capitalized and it

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Services Friday for Richard Hood

Marvin Richard Harrod, 89, passed away on March 12, 2019 in Lexington. Richard was born on November 22, 1929 in Altus, Oklahoma to John and Hazel Harrod. He graduated from

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Roberta Hindmarsh Passed Away

Roberta Darlene Hindmarsh, 72, of Greenwood, Arkansas passed away Thursday, March 7, 2019 in a Fort Smith hospital. Born December 3, 1946, in Allen to Arthur Ray and Marie Scroggins,

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One Pharmacist’s View Generation Z is here

The Flu “ain’t” fi nished with us yet. It’s usually winding down by March but not this year. About 36 million Americans have had experience with this flu so far.

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Light from God’s Word

Today, we continue answering the question—what function do individual church members serve in the church and the community? In previous articles, we concluded that God desires and deserves to be

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Ada Lions Club

Provided From the left, Allen High School students Allen Simpson and Aaron Dockery, shown here with Lion Diana Drummond, were recently selected as the Lions club’s Students of the Day.

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